Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Who Are Eco-Vegan Gal Readers?

  • 75% are United States residents, however views originate from Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Romania and more. The most traffic comes from California and New York residents (go figure!)
  • 60-75% of viewers are female
  • Viewers ages range from 13 and up, with the majority between the ages of 25-44

Please contact Whitney for details on site traffic/number of visitors and newsletter subscribers

Social Media Stats

The Eco-Vegan Gal social media sites are constantly growing. These are the stats as of October 15, 2012:

  • Klout score: 71
  • Twitter: 11,600+ followers
  • Facebook: 15,870+ likes
  • YouTube: 16,600+ subscribers; 1,348,000+ video views
  • Pinterest: 5,525+ followers
  • Instagram: 4,320+ followers
  • Linkedin: 900+ connections
  • Tumblr:  550+ followers

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • Editorial and video content
  • Text links
  • Side bar ads and afflilate programs
  • Newsletter
  • Video ads
  • Sponsored Facebook posts/promotions 
  • Giveaways

Rates and Terms: 

Ad rates vary according to volume, placement and type of campaign. Discounts and special arrangements are available. Please contact Whitney for more information.


Whitney of Eco-Vegan Gal loves working with brands to create a unique and creative advertising approach that's right for each company's goals. Ads that are pornographic, or political will not be considered. Any ad that Whitney deems to be false, misleading or not as attractive as the site or associated media will be declined. She has final approval on all ad creative and content prior to going live and reserves the right to refuse advertising for any reason.