Friday, 30 December 2011 09:00

Cleanse Q&A On UStream (Video)

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Since I've been receiving so many questions about cleansing I decided to do a live Q&A session on UStream. It was a last minute decision but I still received 17 lives views, and since it went so well I'm going to do more and give you a heads up so you can tune in and interact with me next time. If you missed the live show, you can watch it here:

In the video I answer questions about:

  • traveling on a cleanse and when eating healthy in general
  • cheating/indulging/splurging while on a cleanse
  • frozen foods on a cleanse - meals and vegetables
  • cleansing when already on a healthy diet
  • health tooth whitener recommendation: Vitacare
If you want to take the live experience a step further, join me on Google Plus and let me know that you're interested in being in my cleanse circle so I can invite you to a video hangout!
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