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Seed Sprouting 101: The Basics (video)

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In the following video I explain:

  • what seed sprouting is and the health benefits,
  • the difference between seed sprouting and green sprouting,
  • why green sprouting has caused some foodborne illness breakouts and how to avoid them,
  • whether cooking sprouted foods effects the nutritional value,
  • and an introduction to the new EvG sponsor: Way Better Snacks

My history with sprouts has been limited, my experience has been eating them in various meals and growing some from alfalfa seeds. Recently, I became more curious about the nutritional benefits of sprouting when I discovered Way Better Snacks, which uses sprouted seeds in their delicious gluten-free tortilla chips (check out my review here). I was thrilled to learn that sprouting makes foods like seeds, beans and grains easier to digest and allows the body to more easily absorb their vitamin and mineral content. I was especially impressed to learn that the vitamins in flaxseed can increase 600% when sprouted! And, sprouted food also helps neutralize and remove waste from the body, which certainly never hurts.

The EvG Facebook community is quite interested in learning more about sprouting, so I am thrilled to announce that now that I have become an ambassador for Way Better Snacks I'll be doing more content on sprouts and health in general. I address a few  questions from Facebook in the video, including whether it's safe to eat raw sprouts and if enzymes and nutritents are killed if sprouts are cooked. Way Better has some great answers to this on their website as well - I highly recommend visiting their FAQ page for some information and they also have a fabulous newsletter. They made the following fantastic (and super cute) animated video that sums up the benefits of sprouting and how they're different from other tortilla chips:

A note on Way Better Snacks' utilization of sprouts: they only use seed sprouting in its products and do not support or endorse methods for the safe handling of green sprouts.

I would also like to introduce you to some bloggers who are also part of the ambassader team, who will also be sharing lots of information on this topic:

Stay tuned for future posts on sprouting, in which I'll discuss how to sprout, provide simple instructions and offer up some trouble shooting ideas. Have any more questions or comments? Want to share your thoughts on Way Better Snacks? Leave a comment below- would love to hear from you!

Disclosure: Way Better Snacks compensates me as an ambassador, though I've loved their products and people ever since I was introduced to them in early 2012. My opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post positive comments.

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