Restaurant Reviews

Dining out is one of the finer pleasures of life, isn't it? But what do you do when you're new to the vegan diet and have no idea what restaurants offer plant-based menu items? Or how do you know that it's not going to taste like cardboard? Where do you go when your non-vegan friends want to go out with you? Find the answers to all these questions and more in the following posts, in which Whitney brings you along with her as she discovers the tastiest vegan cuisine across the United States, in cities like:
-Los Angeles
-San Francisco
-New York City
-Portland, OR

A few weeks ago, Veggie Grill in El Segundo started testing some new menu items with Daiya cheese. The combination of Veggie Grill and Daiya was too good to ignore, so I headed over last night and tried all 3 dishes: Uptown Nachos, V-Cheeseburger, and Mac-n-Cheese.