Tuesday, 27 April 2010 23:27

Hurraw! Organic, raw, vegan lip balm: you'll want to eat it!

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During my Northwest trip I was on a mission to find fun new vegan products. I was actually pretty disappointed that out of all the vegetarian shops I went to (Food Fight!, Herbivore, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, Rainbow Grocery), there wasn't much that was new to me. However I did find some cool things, and this is one of them:

For some reason I'm obsessed with chapstick/lip balm. I've been meaning to experiment with making my own, but I keep coming across new brands to try (like Eco Lips). Crazy Rumors has been my favorite for a while, but I was delighted to discover Hurraw! at Rainbow Grocery. Hurraw! is not only organic and vegan, but it's raw and fair-trade too. I bought the coconut flavor and every-time I put it on I want to eat it! There's a great description on the website:

What a perfect lip balm! Now if only stores in L.A. carried it...*cough* Co-Opportunity *cough* Locali *cough* Humanitaire *cough* Whole Foods. ; )
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