Saturday, 08 May 2010 18:13

Women of the Green Generation - impact of food on health and environment

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The Women of the Green Generation event last week was really wonderful. Though it was a smaller crowd than normal, there was beautiful energy and the conversations were mainly about food and health. I spoke on a panel along with some of my favorite women in town:
I was also excited to see a bunch of my friends in attendance, including chef Christy Morgan and vegan scientist Vanessa Meier. Robert Cheeke came along (despite it being a mainly female event) and helped me with video and photography.

Delicious food was prepared by chefs Rawsheed and Tigre, and the event was held at the beautiful LEED certified Evo-South building in Downtown L.A. The event was hosted by the lovely Kris Willey and Elisa Brown.

Here is a video summary of what we discussed (gave a shoutout to Forks Over Knives at the end):

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