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Believe it or not: vegan foie gras

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Vegans are always searching for exciting new meals and products, and some of us love faux meat and dairy alternatives because we like the flavors and texture. My personal favorite is Daiya "cheese" - this company has made my life so much more delicious and easy. When I ate soy and gluten I was in love with Gardein, and I'll allow it as a treat now and then. But I am most thrilled when I come across rare vegan foods, and I recently tried something truly unique.

A few months ago I was let in on a little secret: my pal Eric Lechesseur of Seed Kitchen was competing in PETA's 'Fine Faux Foie Gras' Contest. I was confident that he'd win, especially after I tried it. Honestly, I didn't want to touch it at first because it looked and smelt so much like an animal product, and it tasted just as I imagined the real thing would. Though Seed Kitchen's menu is American-Japanese fusion, Eric has a background in French cuisine, so he is very familiar with foie gras.

Unfortunately, Eric didn't win first prize in PETA's contest, but he got second place. I can't imagine how authentic tasting the winner's foie gras is - the title went to Amanda Cohen, owner and chef of New York's Dirt Candy restaurant, and you can check out the recipe here. However, Seed Kitchen has Eric's foie gras on special for the next couple weeks! PETA described it perfectly: pan-fried faux foie gras on olive oil–infused ciabatta with a blackberry port wine. Though it is tofu and oil based, I am willing to cheat a little and give it another try to refresh my memory of the taste. I hope you check it out too while you can - Eric isn't sure how long it will be in the kitchen, but said he'll add it to the menu if it's popular enough. I'm sure it will be - it could easily fool a non-vegan into thinking it was real foie gras. And that's exactly what we need: delicious cruelty-free alternatives to demonstrate how easy it is to be vegan.

Seed Kitchen: (310) 396-1604

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