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Eco-Vegan Daily Download:

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5 Eco-Vegan Things Worth Sharing from the Web:
  1. Chewing on Plastic? Yum! ~ did you know that most chewing gums, even some that call themselves "natural"! Guess it's a good thing I vary rarely chew it, but now I have a reason to stop all together. Not to mention a lot of gums aren't vegan.
  2. This Isn't a Photo of a Road — It's Dead Fish ~ yikes, saw this in Fall 2010 and didn't have a change to bring it up until now. Reminiscent of the mass die offs in the beginning of this year, but this case in Louisiana was attributed to the BP oil spill. 
  3. Smartphones: The New Blood Diamonds?
  4. Innovative, Reusable "Replenish" Spray Bottle Could Disrupt Home Cleaning Market ~ even though 
  5. Gluten: What You Don't Know Might Kill You
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