Tuesday, 18 January 2011 08:28

Eco-Vegan Daily Download:

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  • Tested some yummy recipes for the upcoming Healthy Voyager cookbook. Wish I could say more, but you're gonna love it!
  • While watching TV with my friend tonight there were two ads that really annoyed me, one staring Susan Sarandon promoting milk and another "comedic" commercial promoting tuna. No brands mentioned, just the foods. Looks like those industries are putting a lot of money into convincing TV viewers that they're healthy...
  • While biking to Co-opportunity in Santa Monica I passed a place I've never seen before, called The Wellness Store. Didn't have time to stop and check it out, but from the website they have all sorts of green, holistic, and organic offerings for personal care, healthcare, fitness, detox, and overall wellness. Looks like they're been there since at least the summer - don't know how I missed them!
  • When I got to the Co-Op I picked up some fresh produce and bulk items. One of the Healthy Voyager recipes called for rose water - no one in the food sections of the store knew what I was talking about, but everyone in body/beauty did! They showed me the selection of rose waters and I was disappointed to find that the cheapest option ($6) was in plastic, while the glass bottle was over $17! I spent time deliberating, even considered making my own, but due to being short on time and budget, I opted for the plastic. : ( I feel guilty, but now that I've transfered it to a glass container (an old maple syrup bottle) at least it's not sitting in plastic anymore. I was also mad that all the organic body oils I wanted to buy were in plastic - why, Why, WHY?!!!
Eco-Vegan News:
  • Rihanna’s New Fragrance Is PETA Approved ~ She "created the fragrance by teaming up with Parlux, a cruelty-free company that has made it onto PETA’s “good list” for their policy to avoid animal testing."
5 Interesting Things I Found on the Web:
  1. Genetically Modified Chickens Developed to Prevent Spread of Bird Flu ~ say the scientists, "hey, since humans are getting sick because they're eating sick animals, let's mutate the animals so we can continue to eat them!"
  2. Food By State ~ a map of states with the food most associated with them. Fascinating. I'm glad that California is representing by grapes - at least it's vegan.
  3. USDA Proposes New Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs ~ surprisingly, this includes a lot of truly healthy (and vegetarian) foods. Public comment is welcomed on the new standards. The deadline to submit comments is April 13, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EST
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