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Not Your Uncle Bob's Bakery: organic vegan cookies with gluten-free options

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When I first went veg 7 years ago I never thought I'd say this: there are a lot of vegan DESSERTS on the market! And now that I'm gluten-free I see a lot of those options too. While I try not to eat too many sweet treats for the sake of avoiding sugar, I do love to indulge every now and then. So when a friend of mine told me about a brand new vegan cookie company with gluten-free varieties I was eager to try them.

First impressions go a long way, and I was convinced I would love the cookies just by seeing Not Your Uncle Bob's Bakery's website and meeting the owners. Plus, the name itself made me smile. I was impressed to discover that they made their treats locally in Los Angeles with organic ingredients, and even more amazed when I found out they use coconut oil and unrefined sweeteners.

No animals were harmed in the production of this cookie!
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Chocolate Chip Cookie: one of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had, and I can't believe it's gluten-free! Must be the coconut oil used. Wow. Sweetened with evaporated cane juice (and sugar in the chips).

Peanut Butter Cookie: I'm a major sucker for peanut butter flavoring, and this is packed with it! Plus, the added bonus of full size peanuts contributes a great crunch. Sweetened with maple syrup and baked with olive oil.

Breakfast Cookie: Baked with coconut oil, sweetened with agave nectar, and contains walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Choco Coconut Balls: I was least impressed with these, not because of the flavor (they taste incredible) but because I've had the same thing at a raw restaurant and made it myself at home. But who can resist chocolate flavor with coconut? Made with coconut oil and sweetened with agave nectar.
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