Sunday, 14 August 2011 03:52

Video: Why Be Vegan/Vegetarian? You Tell Me!

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My lastest video is a new experiment - I'm asking YOU as the viewer to make a video response to a question! Turn on your web cam, your flip cam, your iPhone, your camera phone, your camcorder, your 5D - whatever you have and record a 10-15 second video answering this question:
Why are you vegan, vegetarian, or interested in adapting either lifestyle?
Just one quick answer. Feel free to make it fun and quirky, add titles or pictures, or keep it really simple. If you have a related website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and/or YouTube channel - mention it so we can learn more about you!

It's really easy to do, just visit my YouTube channel, click on the comment box below, and on the right side click on "Create a video response". You can upload a video or record one from your webcam right there.

If you're camera shy or don't have the technology to do this, you can also leave a comment on the YouTube page or right here under this post. I've already received some:

  • I am vegan for the animals, the planet & my health. We are NOT entitled to exploit & destroy animals & our Earth. ~ IglooGirl1
  • I am vegan because seeing how human are all frugivores by nature, it makes sense to eat what our species first adapted to, which would be fruits, herbs, and veg, mainly fruit.  :-) ~ rzarzarzarza84
My favorite responses will be featured in one of my next videos, so get 'em up!

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