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If you haven't been following the "veganism is offensive" discussion, you can read my post on it here and/or see the on-going input on Facebook first here, then here, and here. In the multiple discussions, I received nearly 100 comments in 24 hours - clearly this is a hot topic.

I've tried to keep myself out of this for the most part and take the role as moderator, but since I started the discussion I've been brought into it. Some people thought I was asking if I came across offensive, but I was asking if vegans as a group did. For the most part I've received some really enlightening comments, but despite trying to keep it neutral, harsh or defensive comments arose from both "sides" (veg and non-veg). And, a few people commented that they think that I am "enabling abuse" by accepting everyone, and "propagating" the idea of vegans being offensive.

Monday, 24 September 2012 16:00

The Secret to Being Way Better

I do a lot of videos and writing on healthy food and lifestyle choices, but one aspect of wellness I don't explore often enough is the emotional side of it. That's why when I redesigned this website I created a section called "Feel" to focus in on holistic health care, fitness, everyday living tips and inspiration for the mind. I haven't created much content on these topics yet, so I was thrilled when Way Better Snacks asked their ambassadors to do an article around the phrase, "Eat Better. Live Better. Be Better." Clearly I have the first two elements covered, so I want to take an opportunity to delve a bit further into the third.

Saturday, 10 September 2011 04:50

Remember 911. Remember Love (video)

The 911 attacks on the WTC are still as chilling today as they were 10 years ago. So many emotions come up for me: sadness, fear, confusion, nostalgia - but most of all, compassion. September 11, 2011 was a day when we remembered to love strangers, no matter who they were, what they looked like, or what they believed in.  We all came together because we needed that - we needed to feel connected. Every year we're reminded of this, but unfortunately it's not long lasting for most.