Attending events is one of the best ways to learn about health and sustainability. Many feature lectures from experts in these fields and companies displaying their offerings at tables, while others are all about mingling. Learn about upcoming events around the world. and get an inside look at what Whitney experiences when she attends them.

A few weeks ago a chance conversation with Maria Shriver resulted in a great opportunity - she asked me to write an eco-themed article for her site Women's Conference(I was featured on the front page)! Please check it out for tips on how being eco-friendly can be both healthy and cost effective.

Tonight I had the exciting opportunity to attend the NRDC fundraiser featuring James Cameron and his movie Avatar. Although I knew that there were environmental messages in the movie, they didn't really sink in until I heard him speak. He showed 40 minutes of clips from Avatar at Fox Studios (in 3D!) and I had an entirely different emotional reaction then when I saw it in the theater. (It certainly helped that Cameron was sitting just a few rows in front of me!) The first time I saw the movie I was focused on the incredible special effects and the story, and was very impressed by them. This time, after hearing Cameron give a summary of the environmental message prior to the clips, it all became clear and I got chills. In fact, some scenes were very uncomfortable to watch the second time around (spoiler alert: when the magnificent tree falls down).

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