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Can a puppy be vegan?

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Since I'll be getting Evie when she's 9 weeks old I curious if she can be vegan right from the get go. My mom already started feeding her Pedigree, so I need to find out ASAP! (although I read that Pedigree has vegetarian dog food in India)

My vegan vet (whom I'll introduce you to via video interview ASAP) said that it's healthy if prepared with a supplement like Harbingers of a New Age.

I started looking at what the companies with vegan dog food have to say:
  • AMI says: "Our AMI food for dogs is excellent for puppies."
  • Benevo says, in regard to serving size: "Puppies...require 2 to 3 times the adult amount."
  • BiOpet has puppy kibble
  • Nature's Recipe says, in regard to their dry vegetarian food: "If your young dog is still a puppy or less than 1 year of age, he should be on a puppy formula."
  • VeganPet says: "The best time to begin your dog on a vegan diet is when he is a puppy"
  • David Middlesworth, president of V-Dog, does not recommend his food for until a dog is 5 months old

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