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Advice for new puppies/dogs

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Evie is now 3 1/2 months old and she's doing great. I am so proud of her and how she's growing up, and I thought I'd share some advice.
  1. Be patient - getting a puppy or new dog is wonderful, but remember they are adapting to a new life with you and will explore. They will test out behaviors to see how you'll react, and they'll make mistakes. If their behavior needs to be corrected, do it firmly to teach them, but then forgive them and show them love. You don't want your new companion to be afraid of you.
  2. Get them used to all kinds of situations - it is so important that your companion is exposed to a variety of environments and situations. Take her out in public - to grass, pavement, sand, and busy areas; Introduce her to other people and dogs, and include bikers, skateboarders, people in cars, etc. The sooner they can learn to remain calm in all kind of situations the better
  3. Train early and make it fun -
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