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CLOSED Giveaway: Music Amplifier and Phone Stand Made from Bamboo!

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Music is one of the finer things in life - it is rare that I make it through a day without listening to a few songs at home. I love using my iPhone and iPad for this, as they're portable and faster to navigate than my computer. One downside of mobile devices is the low audio levels, which leave a lot to be desired and ruin the mood when you want to bump up the jams. This is why I was thrilled to be introduced to the Bamboo Amplifier from Loudbasstard - this neat looking contraption boosts the sound of any mobile device without electricity or batteries! Sound like something you'd like to play around with? Enter to win one below, along with a chance at a stand for your mobile device! Congrats to the winners of this contest!

Loudbasstard's mission is to create harmony between technology and nature, and they achieve this through merging modern technology, industrial design and sustainability. Based in the Philippines, they use two of their top natural resources, bamboo and rattan, to create useful and sleek looking products for mobile devices. As explained by the company, "aside from being one of the fastest growing plants, bamboo has good sound conductivity and rich tonal variation. While rattan is lightweight and flexible to a certain extent. Both scream quality, durability and sustainability."

loudbasstard stand

Each of the amplifiers is made from single origin bamboo, meaning everything from harvesting to production to packaging to shipping is done within their area in Cebu. Plus, no machinery is involved except the engraving process. Cebuano artisans treat, cure, and use water-based colorants to retain the natural quality of the wood and add a unique finish and personality. The bamboo smart phone/tablet stand is made up of 100% waste material from the amplifiers; how cool is that?! And to top it all off, their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

With both Loudbasstard products you’re not only sharing your love of music, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and supporting communities. Proceeds go back to Note For Note; the loudbasstard music education program. Bringing their love for music full-circle.

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Once you have the amplifier it will quickly become a summer essential, as it is perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones sharing food during a picnic or a cup of coffee out on your balcony. This is why we timed the giveaway for the 4th of July - it's a day when summer really feels like it's in full swing and music tends to be a big part of the day. The bamboo stand is also a great addition, especially when you're using your mobile device to play a video or slideshow for your friends.

loudbasstard meditation

The contest is closed but everyone is eligible for 15% off Loudbasstard products when using the code "ecovegangal" at checkout.

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