Wednesday, 19 November 2008 22:55

CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting)

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In the Residential Greening Program class on energy we discussed CFLs. To me it seems obvious that people should replace their old bulbs with CFLs, but I'm learning that many people are hesitant to do so. Here are some answers to common worries:
  • The color isn't "right" - CFLs come in all sorts of color "temperatures", check out Energy Stars' website to find the right one for you
  • The buzzing is annoying - this is something you can get used to!
  • They're more expensive - the savings from your lower electric bill will make up for it
  • You want dimmable - there are dimmable CFLs!
  • You're afraid of the mercury - it's not a big deal, just make sure you dispose of them properly
Here are the The NY Times' favorite CFLS:
  1. TCP SpringLight/Soft White (slightly cool, bad buzz)
  2. n:vision (Home Depot) Soft White (warm, slightly pink)
  3. MaxLite Spira Max (clean, slightly pink)
  4. n:vision (Home Depot) Soft White (covered) (bright, clean, a little cold)
  5. G.E. Energy Smart (bright, pinkish, buzz)
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