Sunday, 24 May 2009 11:04

Earth Class Mail

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I passed a neat looking store in West Hollywood called Earth Class Mail. Since it had the word earth in it, I wondered if it was eco-friendly. It is.

Earth Class Mail is a cool concept. Instead of receiving mail in your mailbox, it goes to the company. They scan the UNSEALED envelopes and email them to you. Then you decide:
  • Recycle all the junk with a click of your mouse
  • Have us securely scan the contents so you can read it online
  • Shred sensitive information
  • Forward the original to you or someone else
  • Forward the electronic document to whomever you choose
  • Archive the originals at our facility
It's definitely a great idea if you travel a lot, or if you're as lazy as getting and reading mail as I am. And it's a quick way to recycle your mail. 
But how else is it eco-friendly?
"Instead of making physical postal deliveries that are so dependent on fuel for planes and trucks, we deliver postal mail online, where people can manage it instantly, anywhere in the world."  "Recycling mail is one of the primary ways Earth Class Mail already makes a difference for the planet, and that's just the beginning: To truly benefit the environment, Earth Class Mail has developed the first online postal-mail delivery system scalable to an entire country’s postal mail. By offering national posts the ability to deliver mail online, Earth Class Mail can move posts from their current energy-wasting physical-delivery model to clean electronic delivery for a significant portion of the mail they currently handle." 
Pretty cool actually. It's pricey for someone like me (around $10 a month), but I love the idea.
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