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A few days ago I had a great, but disturbing, conversation with my friend Ken Spector (of Living Echo) Not only is he vegan, but he is full of facts on health. He started talking about BPA (Bisphenol A), and I was shocked at what he was saying. I later found a great article on how to avoid consuming it, from Women's Conference.

What is BPA?
If you have an iPhone: there's a cool newish app - that helps you read labels to avoid ingredients like BPA - called Don't Eat That.
The health effects of BPA, like most big chemicals found in our products, is being debated. If you want to read some pro-BPA info, check out Bisphenol A.Org, where they claim that it's "safe for their intended uses and pose no known risks to human health"

Here's a list of more toxins to avoid (like you needed to have more fear...)
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