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Good Karma: a Sexy New Hybrid by Fisker

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Look out Tesla, there's a new hot green car on the market! The Fisker Karma is a luxury plug-in hybrid, which runs on an electric charge for 50 miles then switches over to the gas engine. And it is one sexy beast - similar in style to Porsche and Aston Martin. But before you get out your pocket book, keep in mind that it costs about $90,000. Last night LAcarGuy, a new and used car dealer in Los Angeles, held an event to unveil the Karma, and some people were so impressed that they wrote out checks to purchase them before the party ended at 9pm! It's that cool of a car. But how does it compare to the famous Tesla?

The major difference is that the Tesla is completely electric, while the Karma is not . While the former may be more eco-friendly, the Karma has the advantage of the gas option in the chance that an electric charge is unavailable (though it can be charged from a standard 110-volt household outlet). This won't be an issue for most people - roughly 60 percent of all drivers travel less than 50 miles per day. As for price, the Tesla and the Karma are in the same range (depending on the model).

The Karma is not just a glitzy car with a eco-friendly engine - it has several green elements like recycled glass, wood made from non-living trees, and optional roof-top solar panels (which will help charge the car and control the interior climate). For us vegans there is an animal-free model with synthetic seats, and apparently the leather they use in other models is low in chemicals and from "happy cows". I sat in the Karma and found it very comfortable and roomy, even the back seats. Too bad this eco-chic beauty isn't quite within my budget yet...

LAcarGuy also announced that six of their dealerships will be the first in the U.S. to offer public Level 2 electric charging stations. These EV chargers are compatible with all major automakers' plug-in and hybrid vehicles and charge in 1 to 3 hours. I learned that it takes about 7 minutes of charge per mile driven, so electric cars do take some planning. LAcarGuy has several eco initiatives, which includes in-house green teams at each dealership and a donation of $100 to a green non-profit (of the driver's choice) for every vehicle purchased.

The event was very mellow and casual. Drinks with VeeV Açaí Spirit were served as well as ONEHOPE Wine (50% of Profits Donated to Charity). Though the party was catered, I didn't see any vegan food (ironic but typical at an eco event) except for some yummy dark chocolates by The Chocolate Traveler. Fisker gave out a top-of-the-line Apple iPad and iPod Nano to 2 lucky guests. PR was done by some of my favorite gals in town: Carly Harrill and Julie C. May. Check out the photos below, featuring my vegan pal Carolyn the Healthy Voyager.

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