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Plants Versus Zombies: Learning How to Survive The Apocalypse

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I'll be honest, I don't really get this whole zombie craze (or the vampire obsession for that matter). I also don't really believe in the apocalypse/end of the world/2012/mayan calendar...though if we don't shape up and take better care of the earth I wouldn't be surprised if Nostradamus' prophecies came true. But lately I've had to learn a little more about these trendy topics because of my boyfriend.

Owen is a prior Marine who returned from Afghanistan last summer, which is when we met via mutual friends. He loves computers, video games, sci-fi, and zombies. You might wonder what we have in common - there's actually much more than meets the eye, so much so that you don't want to get me started. I'll sum it up by saying that he's a talented filmmaker (he's working on a documentary about Afghanistan) and he loves my vegan cooking and passion for sustainability. Perhaps my favorite quality of his is determination to make the world a better place, but he's got a very different approach to that than I do. One of his methods of achieving this is through a zombie video game for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

There are lots of zombie games out there, Plants Vs. Zombies being the most well-known. But they're all just entertainment, encouraging users to stay in one place and focus on their game strategy. This is where Owen's game has an edge - ARG Zombies is all about the real world. You play the game as if it were a real apocalypse, collecting supplies and gear for yourself and other survivors. Then, you venture out, as you normally do, but now you can kill evil enemies and collect loot along the way. You can chat with other players and buy and sell items.

What does this game have to do with my eco-vegan mission, aside from my personal relationship with Owen. The common thread is that this game is teaching players to work together to survive, much like we all need to work together to keep the planet and ourselves healthy.

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