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Interview: Plastic Water Bottles Suck! Go Completely Stainless with Klean Kanteen! (video)

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The most memorable company I met at Expo West 2011 was hands down Klean Kanteen. I had heard about their new plastic-free reusable bottle and I couldn't wait to see it in person. They call it the  Reflect and it literally took my breath away (I'm such an eco nerd!). Of course this bottle is BPA-free because no plastic is involved, but it also has no paint or glue, and no welding is used. Klean Kanteen figured out a way to make this bottle super simple (less is more), and even put sustainably harvested bamboo on the top of the lid for a little some'n some'n.

I had a great chat with Scott Rolfson, the marketing director, which you can see in the following video. We talked for quite some time off camera as well and I grew even more fond of the company. He saw the eager look in my eye to have one for myself and gave me a Reflect! You may have noticed it in many of my videos - it is easily one of my favorite and most cherished eco accessories ever. It is the only reusable bottle I carry because it is beautiful, large, easy to clean, and doesn't give the contents an odd taste. Plus I am so proud to carry a truly healthy and sustainable bottle with me and love telling others about it.
Ditch your Nalgene or similar BPA-free plastic bottles, and forget about stainless steel bottles with plastic caps - the Klean Kanteen Reflect is the only way to go. It retails for about $32.95 (well worth it - I would buy another in a heart beat) and you can find it on the Klean Kanteen website or many retailers (spotted it at Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco!) And no, they didn't pay me to say anything of this - I'm really their #1 fan!

Do you have a Klean Kanteen Reflect? If so, do you love it as much as I do?
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