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Thursday, 13 May 2010 22:37

Stopping Junk Mail

Throughout the course of this blog I have written about junk mail many times. It's an on-going battle but I continue to fight against it. However, I have seen a huge decline in the amount of junk mail I receive, and mail in general since I choose to do most of my transactions and correspondence online.

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Sunday, 24 May 2009 11:04

Earth Class Mail

I passed a neat looking store in West Hollywood called Earth Class Mail. Since it had the word earth in it, I wondered if it was eco-friendly. It is.

Earth Class Mail is a cool concept. Instead of receiving mail in your mailbox, it goes to the company. They scan the UNSEALED envelopes and email them to you. Then you decide:
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Wednesday, 15 April 2009 07:54

Better junk mail

As I went through the usual office junk mail, I came across an eco-friendly mailing from Lexus. Even though it was another unnecessary letter, I was quite impressed it because not only was it made from Mixed Sources, but the envelope was the letter! The letter was created to fold into a sealable envelope. So at the very least Lexus saved an envelope in a very creative way...but I'm still going to request to be taken off their mailing list!

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Friday, 27 March 2009 09:55

Junk Mail update

I have been really good about contacting companies and being removed from their mailing lists, and I encourage you to do the same. I found a really easy and fast method.

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Friday, 21 November 2008 02:11

Junk Mail

I've had it up to here with junk mail! At my job it just comes pouring in and I'm sick of it. I've registered us on the Do Not Mail list and I've used Catalog Choice, but it keeps coming! So I am doing it all manually, and it really isn't that bad if you do it everyday. 

** I just revisited DMA Choice and they have a fantastic website - very similar to Catalog Choice, but even better because with one click of a button you can be taken off all catalog, magazine, and mail offer lists. Definitely sign up for it. 
Here's my method:
  1. I collect all catalogs/magazines, newsletters, mailings, postcards, etc. - I keep a list of what I've cancelled so I didn't duplicate the process with the same company
  2. I used to call all the companies, but it took forever. So now I Google them, find their websites, look for "Contact Us" or "Customer Service", and email them.
  3. In the email heading I write "Please remove from mailing list" and in the body I write that again, followed by the address EXACTLY as it is on the mailing. If there is a customer number and key code I include that as well.
Surprisingly, most of the companies respond within a day, and politely say they've removed me from their mailing list.
What I really wish these companies would do to make my (and your) life easier is to have a button on the bottom of their websites that says "remove from mailing list",  just like most do at the bottom of mass emails.
Or, if they really wanted to help the environment - they would STOP SENDING JUNK MAIL! Almost everyone uses the internet these days - why do we need catalogs and post cards announcing every sale and new product?
Ideal Bite is on the same track today with their tip about no longer receiving phone books by mail. Yellow Pages now has a great website that makes the process easy - do it today!
UPDATE: Friends highly suggest using GreenDimes to get rid of junk mail. 
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