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How To Turn Black Friday Green (video)

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Black Friday is right around the corner. Some people prefer to call it "Buy Nothing Day". While I try not to consume too much, it is a good day to save money on holiday gifts. So why not look for deals on  eco-friendly presents (or items for yourself that you can't normally afford)? Here are some tips for greening the whole day, in video and bullet point form:

  • Buy only what you, or the person you're giving to, needs. Black Friday can be a great day to save on necessities (though it depends what your definition of necessary is). Ask your friends and family what gifts they could really put to use, instead of buying things because they're fun or cute.
  • Buy from local, small business. They need your support more than the big companies do, and they're usually more eco-friendly.
  • Look for things that have minimal packaging, or no packaging at all (donation, classes, online subscriptions, etc.)
  • Buy products that were made in America.
  • If you go out to shop on Black Friday, map out your destinations before you leave. Try to plan so that you're going to places close to home and close together. If possible, take public transportation, or walk or bike to stores instead of taking a car. If driving, park your car once and walk to each store. Carpool with friends, or offer to bring them along with you.
  • Shopping online can be more eco-friendly (versus driving), and you might find better deals (see below). "to have 10 pounds of packages shipped by overnight air uses 40 percent less fuel than driving yourself round-trip to the mall, according to the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions."
  • Bring your own shopping bags.
  • Limit your shopping to a few hours, and spend the rest of the day with your family and friends! If a deal requires waiting in a long line, ask yourself if it's really worth the time you're spending.
  • Shopping lends itself to eating out, so be prepared and bring your own water bottle, coffee mug, utensils, napkin, and/or to-go container.
  • Why not buy gifts second hand? You'll save money and recycle at the same time! Many cities have second-hand stores, and you can also go to garage sales. If you live in a big city, you can get some really nice stuff at estate sales.
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