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How To Use Your Mobile Phone For Good

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Yesterday I reflected on the days before cell phones and wondered how I did without the GPS in my iPhone. Or the instant access to my email. And Facebook. Remember when you could only use those things on the computer? And how about when you needed a seperate device to take photos and videos - heck, there were years when the only camera I had was disposable! I sound a bit like an old lady right now... Of course now that most people have high tech mobile phones life seems so much easier and faster - it takes seconds to communicate with others from around the world. Sure, there are many times when these devices distract us from staying present and participating in the real, live world, but overall you can make quite an impact on your life and that of others.

There are many applications (apps) that assist us with achieving goals, whether it's finding restaurants with healthy options, keeping track of a fitness routine, discovering and sharing products via photos, taking notes and making lists... I could go on and on. What are some of your favorite apps for doing the above? 


Because this technology is so exiciting it's easy to get caught up in new product development and launches - in fact, according to, tens of millions of mobile handsets are replaced on a yearly basis! And most of the old phones simply end up in a drawer, unused, which is why I really advocate for selling/recycling devices when it's time for them to be put to rest. Studies have also found that about one billion mobile phones are manufactured every year, yet only one percent of them are recycled - yikes!

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It's very important to pass retired technology onto somone else who will use it or recyle it properly as the materials and batteries can leach toxic chemicals (like indium) when in landfills. It is estimated that millions of dollars worth of silver and gold within devices are tossed annually. Fortunately, trading in a phone is incredibly easy through online and in-store programs. Most companies will wipe your data for you, or offer simple instructions on how to do so. Your phone will be then be refurbished and either sold to a local customer or sent to developing countries where affordable devices are in low supply. You also have the opportunity to donate the value to a charity, and some trade-in companies will donate a percentage of each transaction automatically. 

A do-gooder checklist for mobile phone ownership:

  • Find a phone that you love and stick with it
  • Reycle/sell your old phone(s) and consider donating all or a percentage of the money you receive to a charity
  • Download apps that help you stay healthy and eco-friendly, and talk about them with your friends to encourage them to do the same
  • Share photos, videos and written content that inspires others to feel good and do good
  • Only purchase a new phone when it seems necessary and consider buying a refurbished model (you'll save money and the enviorment!)

Have you ever sold a phone, taken it to a recycling center, or bought a refurbished model? If so, what was your experience? And don't forget to comment about your favorite apps!


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Disclore: though this article was sponsored by SellMyMobile, my opinion is my own and is not influenced by this partnership. In fact, I learned a lot of these facts from their website, which I think you'll find useful. Financial compensation makes it possible for fresh content to be posted regularly on Eco-Vegan Gal. I'm thankful for the opportunity to write about this topic and I hope you found it inspiring and educational!

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