Monday, 31 May 2010 15:48

Nostalgia: Vitamix 3600

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Now that I'm cooking up a storm, I'm missing one very important item in my kitchen: a Vitamix. But unfortunately, it's way out of my budget. Then it occurred to me, I technically already have one.

When I was at a young age I discovered something very exciting in my kitchen cabinet - a blender with a spout! I instantly wanted to make something liquid-y so I could open up the tap and pour it out like I was running a my own restaurant; so I did. I was so proud of the smoothies and ice cream shakes that I made - dumping the ingredients into the stainless steel container, clipping on the plastic top, flipping the switch, hearing the engine rev, and watching bits of liquid jump out of the open top (who knows where the cap was). I would present my creations to my family and friends and watch them enjoy the treats - satisfaction! I never saw anyone else use this machine, so I felt it was mine. My dad used to get upset with me when I would leave it dirty in the sink for someone else to clean up. Memories...

Many years later while visiting my parents I opened up the kitchen cabinet and saw old faithful. My eyes landed on the side of the machine and lit up when they read the word "Vitamix". I couldn't believe it - I had been using a famous brand of machinery all those years and had no idea of the significance! Did my dad secretly plant this blender in my life to inspire me to become the health nut that I am today? Doubtful, seeing as when I begged him to let me bring it back to my apartment he refused, as if he used it everyday. But I don't blame him - the Vitamix is an expensive machine, and probably cost more than today when he bought it in the late 80s. Plus, these days the Vitamix is mostly plastic, whereas his is almost entirely stainless steel.

You better believe that I'm going to try to run off with it again when I go home in 2 weeks, though my dad might get suspicious if there's an extra 20 pounds on my suddenly bulging suitcase...I'll let you know what happens. For now, I'll stare longingly at some videos of the Vitamix 3600 on Youtube and plan to make my own when I'm reunited with my old stainless steal pal. : )


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