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Eco-Vegan Daily Download: Dogs, Beauty, Revolutions, & Plastic

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  • I'm managing the digital content of a dog website and they want me to green it up! The site is called Dog News Daily and I'll be blogging about how to raise an eco companion! This will be great way for me to get back into the swing of my Eco-Vegan Dog site! Stay tuned.
  • I'm on a mission to make my own chapstick/lip balm. There are many great organic vegan brands out there, but they come in plastic tubes. Plus, it's so simple to make your own, so I'm going to give it a whirl. I just have to find a good small glass or metal container for it that I can carry in my bag, and I need to buy some candelilla wax. Hard to find in stores, but I'd rather not buy online - got any ideas on where to get it in LA or San Francisco? Have you ever made it before, and if so, got any advice?
  • Today I stopped into the Detox Market, an amazing eco and healthy beauty shop that originally opened as a pop-up store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. Now they're planning to stay open in LA for good! I'm going to do a video on them
  • Also went to Modern Dog in Venice to buy some biodegradable waste bags for Evie. I love this local, privately owned shop - they have cute products and they're really nice.
  • On my walk down Abbot Kinney I kept spotting copies of Hippo Works' DVD Simon Says Let's Stop Climate Change! It's a really cute kids movie


  • Last night I dined at Bawarchi, a great vegetarian Indian restaurant in Culver City. Their jackfruit is sooo delicious, it's cheap, and super fast. Love this place.
  • For lunch and dinner today I made a quinoa/corn pasta with sautéed broccoli, onion, and tomato, then tossed it with olive oil, nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper. Delicious.
  • Can someone tell me why cauliflower is usually sold in plastic bags at grocery stores, while broccoli rarely is? I tried to find the answer by doing a web search, and it seems that it goes bad if not in plastic. So, I won't buy it, which is too bad because I love the way it tastes. Maybe I just have to find it at a farmers market...
Eco-Vegan News
5 Eco-Vegan Things Worth Sharing from the Web:
  1. ‘Plastic State Of Mind’ Rap Parody Drawing Big Numbers On YouTube ~ LOVE THIS VIDEO! 
  2. Eat Trash, Save the Planet ~ would you ever consider eating food out of a dumpster? Most people wouldn't, but some believe this is a great way to prevent food waste, and there's a new documentary called DIVE! all about it. "The amount of energy used to produce the 96 billion pounds of the food that get thrown away annually in the U.S. equals about 185 million barrels of oil"
  3. Feast Your Eyes: The Shocking Shark Fin Trade ~ sooo sad. I've always been incredibly fascinated with sharks. Why is marine life so abused? Well, most creatures are these days...
  4. Lead in tote bags from Lululemon, maker of organic workout gear ~ this is what I think of now everytime I think of Lululemon - poor decisions or carelessness can really harm a company's image, "how could a green-minded company let this type of problem occur?". This news came out about a month ago, but I couldn't find anything saying it's changed
  5. Chicken owner knits wooly jumpers for birds ~ after all the depressing news above, you deserve to see something cute and heartwarming.
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