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Eco-Vegan Daily Download: Radio Interview, Raw Food Recipes, Festivals, & Books

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Eco-Vegan Gal News

I'm being interviewed on a live radio station this Tuesday the 14th at 10:15am Eastern (7:15 PST) on The Mary Jones Show. If you can't tune in I'll try to post a recording of it afterwards.

Mini Review
Sunshine "Hemp-Fast" Breakfast Patties ~ For the longest time I didn't like Sunshine's burgers - they tasted really bland and...well, too earthy. But since going gluten and soy free I forced myself to try them again and realized they're actually really good. I'm assuming this is because my palate has changed, but they're actually a really popular brand and are available in most natural markets, probably because they are virtually allergy free. This morning I tried their Hemp-Fest Breakfast Patty and loved it. It has that breakfast patty flavor and hearty whole grain taste. The only problem is that they're quite dry, especially when you don't cook them in oil (healthier) and they fall apart really easily. But I enjoyed it completely on it's on and was very satisfied.


Los Angeles, June 18th, 12 - 1pm: Christina Ross of PatisseRAW will be sharing a few recipes at Whole Foods Venice. Please remember to R.S.V.P if you plan on attending. If you can't make it, check out her delicious food at Fruit Gallery (1 Westminster Ave Venice). She has partnered up with this juice bar and cafe offering a raw vegan breakfast, lunch & desserts!

Las Vegas, October 14-16Green Girl Music & Arts Festival - helps raise awareness in the community about the need to green our environment by reusing, repurposing, reducing and recycling, and at the same time empower women in the arts. The festival will feature local as well as touring musicians, artists, dancers, poets, Informational  boots, demonstrations, presenters, educational exhibits and vendors.

Las Vegas, November 5Viva Las Vegan & Vegetarian Festival - a celebration of a healthy and humane lifestyle that brings together a diverse array of individuals, groups and organizations who want to make the planet a more  healthy, sustainable, and compassionate place for all to inhabit and enjoy. The festival will feature a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian food. Natural-food companies will also be providing  food samples. The festival will feature demonstrations, presenters, educational exhibits, musicians, artists, dancers, poets, vendors, and more. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eco and/or Vegan Books

The Unconventional Harvest ~ author Nathan A. Winters rode a bicycle across America to discover first-hand why our food system had grown to be unsustainable, and to find alternative solutions. He traveled into the homes and communities of organic, conventional, urban and Amish farmers and community organizers.

Animal activist friend Ron Prasad is supporting an animal charity through his new book WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE - simple insights for your inspiration & empowerment. For under $20 US, you get the book and some bonus gifts from other personal development experts.


While flipping through TV (something I rarely do) I came across a show on TLC entitled Freaky Eaters: Addicted to Meat and I had to see what it was about. I only caught the tail end of the show, but saw enough to get the picture - the story centered on a guy in his early twenties that was heavily addicted to meat, never had vegetables (seriously?) and though looked good on the outside was in bad shape inside. Some doctors intervened, introduced him to broccoli and red peppers for the first time (!) and he's slowly incorporating them into his diet. Not quite a vegan message, but was an interesting extreme and it was nice to see doctors discussing the negative health effects of eating meat. Check out the trailer:

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