Wednesday, 07 September 2011 03:04

Vegetarians Like Oral Sex More Than Meat Eaters...and More on This Week's Good Gossip! (video)

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Yep, you read that title right - studies show that vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex more than meat eaters do. So if your partner starts pressuring you to go veg, now you know why! ; ) And this totally explains why PETA is starting a porn site...

That's just one of the pieces of news I share in this week's Good Gossip from ecorazzi. In this episode:
  • Heather Morris (from Glee)'s controversial black eye photos seem like a cry for attention
  • "Hollywood"'s new sustainable park would be cool if it were actually in Hollywood
  • Kelly Slater (surfer) works to protect Japan's dolphins from slaughter ala The Cove (sort of)
  • Mark Wahlberg interested in opening a "wellness business" to help get Americans healthy, so I really hope that means his Boston-based pizza palor and burger joint will be completely vegan -  vegetarians love to eat out!

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