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The title kinda speaks for itself - aren't you curious where I had the best Indian food EVER?!
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Sorry for the delay on this weekly roundup (usually get them up Monday mornings) but better late than never!

  • Health Tip of the Week: Stop drinking caffeine (or cut back on it) - and check out this article on 5 foods that will naturally give you energy!
  • Eco Tip of the Week: Replace plastic tupperware with glass or stainless steel containers
  • Vegan Food of the Week: Vega vegan protein powder and on-the-go shakes by Sequel and Brendan Brazier
  • Restaurant of the Week: Om Shan Tea (San Francisco)
  • Book of the Week: World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle
  • Website of the Week: Vegan Consultant
  • Shout-out of the Week: Mink vegan shoes Kickstarter campaign (6 days to about $5!)
  • Shout-out of the Week: Kristin Lajeunesse's Will Travel For Vegan Food (nation-wide tour of vegan restaurants) Kickstarter campaign (23 days to about $6!)
  • Video of the WeekWhat to Eat - voiced by Jason Schwartzman
  • T-Shirt of the Week: Eco-Vegan Gal and Guy shirts *comment below if you're interested in order one!*
  • Answer of the Week: Question - Do you take any supplements like B12?
  • Question for You of the Week: What's the best conversation you've had about your lifestyle this week?
  • Response of the Week: Question - aradiaschild83's favorite healthy dessert is blend a frozen banana with unprocessed cocoa powder, smooth natural peanut butter, organic brown rice syrup, and almond milk together in the blender. It makes a really thick shake. See other response below!
  • Giveaway Winner: Jonathan M won some free Silver Hills sprouted vegan bread - congrats Jon and be sure to email me your contact info!
Giveaway from Earth's Own
  • Voucher for Ryza rice milk
  • Voucher for Almond Fresh almond milk
  • $40 gift certificate to Whole Foods
How to Enter:
  1. Facebook - follow Eco-Vegan Gal, Ryza and Almond Fresh
  2. Twitter - follow Eco-Vegan Gal, Ryza and Almond Fresh and RT this contest tweet
  3. YouTube - subscribe to Eco-Vegan Gal channel
  4. Comment - comment here or on YouTube, confirm that you completed the steps above and tell me why you love rice and almond milk
  5. Extra credit - record a video response to any of my videos on YouTube
  6. **Make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you if you win!**
Winner will be announced in next weekly roundup - good luck!

Healthy Dessert Ideas:
  • I love to marinate tofu! Made a pie w/ possibly 3 min. of prep time, then an hour to chill. In a blender add 1 package silken tofu, half cup peanut butter, 3-4 tbls. cocoa powder--vanilla extract & brown sugar to taste, then blend-add to pie crust & chill. Best peanut butter pie & gets even better the next day♥ (RosElisabeth)
  • Chocolate "whipped cream"! It's a basic cashew cream with cocoa powder and a bit of avo blended in for smoothness (GoGlowy)
  • I made this vegan chocolate mousse that was absolutely amazing. Even my mom and brother loved it. All it was was melted organic chocolate chips and organic silken tofu blended together then chilled in dessert cups. amazing :) It was more of a creamy pudding than a mousse, but it was rich and decadent...and full of protein. :D (DragonBunn)
  • I make someting I call sweet (no)tato pie. As the name suggests, it's like sweet potato pie, but w/o (obviously) the sweet potatoes. I'm a guy w/ li'l patience, so waiting 4 the potatoes 2 soften seemed like an eternity, then one day a lightbulb went off, & x amount of time later; sweet notato pie was born. (pmknight12)
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