Friday, 26 February 2010 06:57

"Love, Sanae" Book Signing at Mystic Journey Bookstore

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My friend Sanae Suzuki (married to chef Eric of Seed) had a signing for her new book "Love, Sanae" and spoke tonight at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice. It was fantastic: intimate and informative. 

Sanae spoke about the healing effects of the macrobiotic diet, and here are some of my notes:
  • Sanae, originally from Japan, used to love junk food, especially soda. She would literally pour Coke on white rice!
  • She developed ovarian cancer when she was living in the United States, and turned to natural healing because she couldn't afford to go to a doctor. Through the macrobiotic diet she healed herself.
  • Later down the road, Sanae started teaching macrobiotic classes, but people weren't impressed with the flavors - that's when her husband Eric stepped in, and the rest is history (just go to Seed to see how fantastic macrobiotic food can taste!)
  • Sanae pointed out that Americans tend to overdue things when they believe that they are good for us. But like most things in life, there has to be a balance, so we should eat a varied diet. Food is incredibly complex and it's effect depends on what kind it is, and how it is prepared.
  • The macrobiotic diet is very focused on eating foods based on the season and where you live in the world. Choose food just as you decide what clothing to wear - based on the weather/season.
  • Macrobiotic is a Greek word that translates into "large life technique"
  • There is a connection between food and feeling good. Sanae's main advice is to give healthy eating a chance and see how you feel, as each body is unique. She recommends trying a new diet for a full year, to experience it through each season. However, in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, take baby steps and allow yourself to learn as you go.
  • "Love, Sanae" features real photos of food made by Sanae, without the use of special lighting or photography tricks - she said she ate it as soon as she was done shooting! The book was also self-published, so it really comes straight from her heart.
  • It features not only recipes, but a lot of great tips on how food can heal. There's even a "healthy checklist" with tips such as, making your own retreat one week a year, the benefits of sitting while eating, and the advantages of remedy drinks.
I left the talk craving macrobiotic food, especially miso soup and barely tea - if only Seed had still been open afterwards! Maybe tomorrow... ; )
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