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Who needs olive oil when you can eat organic olives?

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Please read my health disclaimer

I am on another health mission/journey/experiment: greatly reduce the amount of oil I consume, or eliminate it all together. This topic will be elaborated in another post - I have a lot more research to do. In summary, many people that I trust have explained that oil is actually not that good for us, even olive oil. This may seem strange, since olive oil is something most people think is very healthy - turns out that might not be so true. Like most things, moderation is key, though some people believe we shouldn't eat oil at all. My friends Lex & Kristen have a great blog called The Healthy Vegans where they discuss this more in detail - most of their diet is based on Dr. McDougall. You can also check out Exsalus Health & Wellness. Again, I will do a well-reseached post soon and let you know more.

This post, however, is about olives.
I have to say I'm a little sad about giving up olive oil for this experiment, but only because of the taste. So I decided to buy some fresh, organic olives from the farmer's market to satisfy my taste buds. And boy did they hit the spot! If you're in Los Angeles, I highly recommend Adam's Ranch Olives. They are organic (though not all jars are marked/certified) and they are local to California. Like most olives, they are in glass jars, which are safe and easily reusable (great for spices, grains, beans, etc.). These olives were jarred with water and salt, but you can get them in a variety of flavors. Read the labels carefully - some have added olive oil.

Another tip, do your research on the company you buy from and find out where they stand with organic (this goes from everything, not just olives). Adam's Ranch for instance is organic but doesn't have certification on all their products. At the farmer's market I learned that they charge extra for the certified organic olives because people will pay more just to have the word on their product - I bought the labels without the word organic and saved myself a few dollars! Email companies and ask them if they are organic without certification - you may be surprised to find that they are. And if they're not organic, they may consider it if enough people inquire.

I also went to Whole Foods (Venice, CA) tonight and they have a great olive bar. This is a great alternative to buying jars. They have two brands: Barnier and Divina.

What are your thoughts? Do you eat oil? What are your favorite brands of olives?

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