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Thursday, 09 June 2011 05:08

Finger-licking French Toast

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Daiya cheese has become an even bigger part of my life since I went gluten-free and mostly soy-free. However, I'm not a chef and I'm running out of recipe ideas. When I made this I had a box of pasta and a container of Daiya, but didn't want to do the usual throw-cheese-on-top-and-mix-it-in, so I went on a search for a new macaroni and cheese recipe - and boy did I find one.

A blog called West Coast Vegan has a fantastic recipe, which I modified a little to take out the soy. This mac & cheese is so creamy and flavorful! I wish my pictures did it justice, but I was too excited about eating it that I couldn't focus on the photography!
Published in Recipes
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