Tuesday, 27 April 2010 06:27

Robert Cheeke interviews Michelle Rodriguez about her diet

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As a big Lost fan, I was really excited that Robert and I had a chance to interview Michelle Rodriguez at the Home Tree Earth Day VIP Reception. She was quite down-to-earth yet very passionate and feisty. When we asked how her diet was eco-friendly, she cringed and said "you're not going to be happy with my answer", admitting she "needs some work in that area". Since she knew we are vegans, she teased us and countered with: "salads have feelings too!" 

As the interview continued, Michelle suddenly got really worked up about the negative effect that raising beef has on the planet - she had some great points. I could tell she is aware about the downsides of eating meet, and even seemed a little guilty when she said, "I am disgusted every-time I do have a piece of beef". Her reason for not being a vegetarian is that she's Type O and said, "it's hard for me to feel like I'm regaining the sustenance that I need" - perhaps she'll take Robert's advice and visit veganbodybuilding.com to learn how to overcome that challenge. ; )

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