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Bomb Truck in San Francisco Serves Gourmet Vegan Popsicles! (video interview)

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It's always exciting to randomly come across a sign with the word "vegan" on it, which is what happened to me a few weeks ago on a San Francisco street. While walking down Valencia in the Mission District I stumbled across a teal-colored van with the "organic vegan" on it - of course I had to stop. Upon inquiry I met Barbara, the woman behind the gourmet popsicles and a small business called Bomb Truck. While not everything she makes is vegan, the majority of her handmade treats are, and they're delicious. 

Self-proclaimed "Willy Wonkas of gourmet popsicles", these frozen desserts have a lot of personality. Inspired by mom and pop shops, hole in the walls, and those neighborhood ice cream trucks we used to chase after clutching dollar bills as young'ns. People of all ages can appreciate the pops - kids love 'em because their sweet and have fun flavors, and grown-ups appreciate them because they're all natural and healthy. In fact, I saw several adults get really excited about them - finally an excuse to act like a child again!
So far I've only had one flavor, but it was enough for me to know how awesome Bomb Truck is. The Arroz Con Leche tastes like a frozen horchata - creamy cinnamon and sugar  with big pieces of rice in it. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it all due to it's agave and table sugar content, but my boyfriend was more then happy to finish it off for me. I look forward to trying some of the other flavors like Raspberry Rose and Kiwi Honeydew. The only downside to the Bomb Truck is that their most delicious looking varieties, Mom's Flan and Nutella, are not vegan...yet. I asked Barbara to see if she can change that.
While San Francisco isn't known for warm weather you can enjoy these popsicles year round - do we stop eating ice cream just because it's below zero? I surely don't! You can find the Bomb Truck parked on streets in the Mission District, mainly on Valencia between 18th & 20th, and occasionally around Dolores Park. You can find her location by following on Twitter and/or Facebook. Barbara is planning on partnering up with local bars to pair her treats with the night life - great idea in my opinion!
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