Friday, 02 September 2011 12:17

Eco-Vegan on the Cheap: Interview with the Groupon Deal Site of the Cruelty-Free World (video)

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One thing that often gets in the way of people going vegan or having a healthy vegan diet is money. I've been there too, but someone I always get great organic food in my life (sometimes it's just more basic than other times!). It's no wonder deal sites like Groupon have taken off - everyone wants to save money! And fortunately, there has also been an explosion of green offerings, like GatherGreen, WinWinLiving, Blissmo and Daily Gourmet. Unfortunately, as great as these eco-friendly deals are, they're not always vegan friendly, so when they pile up in the inbox or social media feeds it can become a little frustrating for vegans who want to save too. In comes VeganCuts, a deal site that is exclusively vegan, featuring discounts on beauty products, clothing, shoes, food, etc. and is the subject of today's video.
Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, or being a gift for a plant-based friend, you'll find something great on VeganCuts without emptying out your bank account. You'll also discover some really unique products and new companies, like this current offer of dry shampoo by HairFix or a past offer from t-shirt designer Chiaralascura. Keep in mind that there are currently only two people behind the site - Jill (in this video) and her husband John - they do everything and you'd never know it from how big the site looks! Currently, VeganCuts ships mainly to US residents, but occasionally to Canada and internationally - but I'm sure this will change as they become bigger and more popular. 
Check out this video to learn more about VeganCuts, then head over and sign up to save some money on great vegan stuff!

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