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Rhythm Superfoods - Raw Kale and Sweet Potato Chips (video interview)

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If you're looking for a guilt-free snack eat kale chips. They are the ultimate in healthy indulgence. Crispy, sweet, slightly salty with organic, raw, minimal ingredients (gluten and soy free). It's a financial splurge worth making since making them at home requires a dehydrator (to do it right) and at least half a day of waiting for them to be done. There are a lot of kale chips on the market, and one of my favorite companies is Rhythm Superfoods. I interviewed the co-founder, Keith, at Expo West 2011 and he told me the story behind the products and his passion. 

Rhythm makes a number of other products, including sweet potato chips that are another great snack at half the price of kale chips. Crunchy and sweet, they're a great alternative to regular potato chips. Keith is also behind the Baraka Bar and Daily Juice in Texas - he's certainly achieving his mission to bring raw food to the masses!

One point he made that was key is how heavily sprayed with pesticides non-organic kale is, so even if you don't buy kale chips make sure to buy fresh organic kale. It retails from $.99 - 2, averaging around $1.75 at natural markets in California.
Have you tried Rhythm Superfoods products, or visited Daily Juice? Tell me about your experience!
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