Friday, 17 July 2009 17:35

Daiya vegan cheese review!

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Daiya cheese is INCREDIBLE! Check out the video to witness my first taste, and to see my Quesadilla recipe.
**UPDATE: Whole Foods mislabeled the containers. The white cheese is Italian and the yellow cheese is Cheddar. So it wasn't my imagination that they taste different!
You can find Daiya in Los Angeles at Whole Foods in El Segundo and Locali (Hollywood). You can also order it on your pizza at Purgatory Pizza (Downtown) and Cruzer Pizza (Loz Feliz).
Please comment if you've found it anywhere else!
If you're outside of L.A. and you can't find Daiya, you can order it on Pangea.
You can contact Daiya and ask them to let you know when it's available in your area, but I also suggest that you bug your local natural grocery store for it!

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