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Quinoa: What Is It and How to Make It - Healthy, Simple Recipes

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What is quinoa? Pronounced keen-wah, this grain-like seed is full of protein and calcium (who needs meat or milk?!) Very versatile and can be used like rice, and it's gluten-free. Wanna learn more? Check out my article on Organic Authority
Where to find quinoa: any natural market, but it's slowly creeping its way into most major grocery store. It often comes in a bag and can occasionally be found in bulk. Organic quinoa runs around $4 a pound in bulk (which is about 9 servings).

How to cook quinoa: place it in a pan with water at a 1:2 ratio, bring to boil, the simmer for 15 minutes

Ways to prepare quinoa (recipes from this site):

Check out all these great ideas from my Facebook and Twitter communities:
  • Cook in rice cooker with veggie broth and finely diced: garlic, carrot, scallion onion, mushroom, celery and cayenne pepper (Linda Thomas)
  • Drain a block of tofu, cube, and bake on greased cookie sheet til lightly browned (I sprinkle with Braggs kelp seasoning). In the meantime, in large pot, warm 1/2 c nut butter of choice, 2 tbsp soy sauce or similar product, 3 tbsp lime juice, generous splash cider vinegar, red pepper flakes to taste, 2 bags thawed frozen spinach, minced garlic and minced ginger. Add tofu to spinach mixture and serve over quinoa, garnished with crushed nuts of choice or sesame seeds. (Kristy Maguire)
  • I make my own creation of ratatouille (onions, garlic, peppers, squash, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, broccoli and carrots.) Over quinoa that is mixed with spinach and it is all topped by a few toasted pumpkin seeds. (Sandra V Muoio)
  • When I'm in a rush I make the quinoa, mix in steamed greens and a tablespoon of hummus plus salt and pepper! (Courtney Linn)
  • Cooked quinoa, a little unsweetened coconut milk, a little stevia, a little cinnamon. (Jessi Pearson)
  • I love quinoa with stir-fry veggies and tofu with teriyaki sauce (Minette Parmentier-Castell)
  • Cooked quinoa with some cooked diced potatoes in it, served with an Italian sauce (tomatoes, basil, onion, rosemary, garlic, mushrooms and parsley) (Fiorella Vidal Masías)
  • I cook it, put it in the fridge to cool then add greens from the garden, avocado, lemon juice & apple cider vinegar to make a light salad. I have it for lunch wrapped in nori and on the side at dinnertime. (Naomi Goodlet)
  • Stuffed avocado with quinoa salad (black beans, red peppers, squash, corn, and cilantro) (Vegan, What?)
  • Coconut oil, goji berries and salt n pepper (@MahaNomi)
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