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Lula's Sweet Apothecary (NYC): chill-out with vegan "ice cream" in the heat of summer

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Whenever I ask for advice on where to eat in New York City, Lula's Sweet Apothecary is mentioned. Therefore, on my trip to the city this past June I was sure to finally check it out - and I quickly learned why it was so highly recommended.

Their non-dairy desserts (aka vegan "ice cream") are so delicious - creamy, sugary, and refreshing on a hot summer day. I'm currently reminiscing about the incredible sundae I had with coconut whipped cream, hot fudge, and peanut butter... The most exciting part however, is that most of the menu items are soy-free, and many are gluten-free, so those of us who choose to exclude those ingredients from our diet can indulge. The majority of the desserts are made in house - when you eat them this will come as no surprise because everything tastes fresh and authentic.

The shop itself is adorable - a tiny hole-in-the-wall hidden on a residential street near NYU. When I walked in I felt transported to another decade: the retro menu on the wall, the tiled floor, the round stools, the old French music playing in the background... I loved the coziness of the small space and that the co-owners were there serving up scopes and cones. As for being eco-friendly, they use local and organic ingredients when possible, they compost, and they use glass, stainless steel, and biodegradable to-go containers.

Check out my review and interview with co-owner Blythe Boyd, who speaks about the history of Lula's and the scoop behind the desserts. (Thank you to my editor Tyler Morales!)

516 East 6th Street, New York

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