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Vegan Tour of Portland, OR with Robert Cheeke (Video)

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I really should have posted this last week before Portland was flooded with vegans from Vida Vegan Con...oh well. This is a video I taped a year and a half ago when I visited PDX for the first time thanks to vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke - been meaning to edit it ever since but life got in the way until now. We went to so many restaurants and vegan shops in just 4 days, and each place is summarized in about 1 minute in this video. Here's where we went:

Most memorable restaurant was Papa G's - their greens and gravy are outstanding. Of course Food Fight! is amazing for being an entirely vegan shop with speciality items. And I use my belt from Held all the time and really enjoyed meeting Micah the owner.
My trip to Portland marked the beginning of my gluten-free and soy-free diet, so you'll see me experimenting with the options in this video, and giving into the temptations of donuts and cake!
Other videos from the trip:
If you'd like to read more about my Portland experience, check outed my summaries from April 2010:
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