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z pizza - Vegan and Gluten-free Pizza Made with Organic Ingredients (video)

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Berkeley Vegan pizza
Forget Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Dominos - go for something healthier and higher quality. If you live in a big city in the U.S. chances are there's a place call z pizza nearby, where you can get a delicious pie with fresh, organic ingredients. Today's video features z pizza in West Hollywood and their vegan and gluten-free pies, including an interview with the store owner and son of the founder.

Los Angeles alone has a lot of great vegan pizza to choose from, like Fresh Brothers and Cruzer Pizza. Since each of them are in different parts of the city, it's good to know about all of them so you always have one to turn to in a time of need. z pizza has a location in West Hollywood and the biggest plus (aside from their fantastic pizzas) is that they're open to 2am! When I lived in LA this was my go-to place when I craved vegan 'za after 10pm. They also have locations in Hancock Park, El Segundo, Burbank, and several North and South of LA. And I don't have to miss out now that I live in San Francisco - they're up here too! 

gluten-free pizza
You can veganize and/or gluten-free-ize any pizza off their menu - all of their pizza crusts are vegan (and organic) and they have a gluten-free crust as well. They use Daiya cheese and offer Gardein "meat", plus a variety of toppings (some are organic and local). Salads and organic drinks are also available. If you need a fork, to-go container, or bag don't feel too guilty - they're all made of eco-friendly materials. Check out my interview from February 2010 with David Fanarof to learn more.
West Hollywood location details:
Taste: 10/10
Unique menu and flavors: not really, but it's tasty!
My favorite dish: gluten-free Berkeley Vegan pizza
Organic: partially (crust, tomato sauce, some vegetables)
Local: partially
Healthy: yes, for pizza
Eco-Friendly: yes

Portion Sizes: medium
Price: reasonable for healthy pizza
Customer service: very nice
Atmosphere: bright, average for pizza palor, outdoor seating
Location: very central to LA
Parking: street and hard to find unless you park in a lot

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