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Grilla Bites Ashland, OR - Organic, Vegan Food Made with Passion (Video Review)

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Last year on my West Coast trip with Robert Cheeke during his book tour we stopped in Ashland, OR to grab some food for the road from their local coop. The town was so beautiful that we decided to crash there for the night - it's Shakespearian, organic, vegan-friendly vibe completely won me over. We sought out a place with WiFi so we could book a place to stay and update our websites, which is how we stumbled upon GrillaBites. The green certifications on the windows and vegan items on their menu lured us in, but we had no idea how much of a treat we were in for.

Grilla Bites is wonderful from the inside out. It all starts with the staff and owner, who are all happy, positive and intelligent. We made fast friends with Fred, the founder, and ended up meeting up with him for lunch the next day (and again at the Chico location a month later). He and his employees showed off their organic, vegan offerings, which are simple ingredient wish but impressive none-the-less. The salad bar has over 50 options, the juices are bold and fresh, the soups are very flavorful, and the gluten-free sandwiches are super satisfying. Organic alcoholic beverages are also available. Grilla Bites pays attention to the eco details by composting and using green cleaning supplies. What a treat to discover in a small town?! Although, Ashland is quite forward thinking in that sense...

I love that Grilla Bites is mainly in smaller towns and cities like Ashland, Chico and Redding - it's exactly the type of place their locals need and is perfect for people passing through. But after my wonderful experience there, I would go out of my way to return. The food offerings may not be that exciting, but the people's passion for doing good will bring me back.

May 2010 with Fred the founder and vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke

Ashland, OR location details:
Taste: 7/10
Unique menu and flavors: not really, but it's tasty!
My favorite dish: gluten-free sandwiches
Organic: yes
Local: as much as possible
Healthy: yes
Eco-Friendly: yes

Portion Sizes: medium
Pricesaverage for soup, salad, sandwich
Customer service: stellar
Atmosphere: casual, relaxed, bright, spatious
Location: downtown Ashland
Parking: easy to find on street or local parking lots

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