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Simply Pure: Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free Medical Marijuana Food in Colorado

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Marijuana is a delicate and controversial subject. However, most people in my life have treated it with respect, so to me it comes down to a personal choice, within reason of the laws in the area you live in. After living in The Netherlands and witnessing their relaxed cultural perspective, I find it refreshing that some parts of the United States are starting to adapt that way of life. I also believe that if you're going to consume cannabis, you should get it from a safe, reliable source.
Living in California, I know a good amount of people who use marijuana medicinally because it's one of the most natural ways for them to alleviate their symptoms, whether for physical or emotional pain. That's why I am impressed by a company that makes organic, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free medical marijuana products in Colorado - something I've never heard of existing, except in personal kitchens. Amongst the run-of-the-mill dispensaries offering junk like pizza, dairy-based desserts, sugary soda, and energy drinks, Simply Pure produces high quality, "healthy, Cannabis-infused foods" like vegan peanut butter cups, salsa, and granola bars, made by trained chefs.

In an article on NewHope360, the owners said they want the company to be "the Whole Foods of the medical marijuana world", and that "it is an opportunity for us to feed our body more nutritious foods, supporting health on a holistic level." The owner also states, "we are not here to get you high", as they have worked hard to control the strength of the products to give consumers a more consistent experience. Doctors suggest that if a person is going to consume marijuana for medical reasons that it is best for them to eat it rather than smoke it, for the sake of lungs and also the quality of the cannabinoids. 
Simply Pure is currently available only to Colorado residents (there are over 130,000 with medical marijuana cards), but they're working on expanding to other states with similar laws - I imagine California is first on their list. However, they will be releasing a cookbook, which will be available on their website.
Great closing line from their chef in the NewHope360 article:
"I am a true believer that plant-based food as medicine has incredible healing power…. As chefs, healers and conscious communities, Cannabis is yet another plant to add to our repertoire. As an industry, it would be unwise for us to continue to ignore this age-old herb used for healing across cultures."
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