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The Best of Vida Vegan Con: Sunday Roundup

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Reporting from San Francisco, it's another summary of the best things I'm hearing about Vida Vegan Con from Twitter and blogs! Before you read this, make sure to check out yesterday's Ultimate Guide and other posts from VVC - very exciting stuff! I'll be updating this throughout the day, so check back often for updates.
First of all, you must check out these live interviews  (but don't worry, they're all being recorded):

Interviews from the Live Stream - My Favorites:


Here are some great vegan tips via twitter and blog posts from today (this will likely be updated several times before the end of the day, so check back in often):

Tips from Twitter:
  • @veganwtsn: playing cards are coated in GELATIN (@hpitlick added that nail polish does too)
  • @snarkyvegan Schrivener is a great tool for book writing, better than Word
  • @RunCrissieRun Beet sugar is almost 100% GMO now. Fran Castigan 
Tweets - My Favorites:
  • @vegbooks The list of #veg parents is growing - These are the folks I'd be tracking down if I were at #vidavegancon!
  • @snarkyvegan things I've learned at #vidavegancon: there are salons that specialize in mullets
  • @bookie85 Tales of finding Earth Balance for 99 cents in a dollar store. Whole room: gasp.
  • @RunCrissieRun Neat that @IsaChandra moved to a non-vegan community to bring awareness and activism to where it's needed. Inspiring! 
  • @grantbutler Julie Hasson: "I find inspiration #everywhere
  • @JLgoesVegan If you haven nothing to say on your blog, post a picture of a cat :) 
  • @noveleats Cutting produce is sexy -Joni Marie Newman
  • @pickyvegan It's good to know that cookbook authors sometimes confuse their spice bottles, too. ;-)
  • @kellycrochets You know when you're at a bloggers conference when food is served ad before it's touched, everyone has to take photos. 
  • @vegansaurus On veganizing EVERYTHING, @JoniMarieNewman says, "I don't apologize for liking fake meat."
  • @grantbutler Blogging rhetorical question: Is a plate of food real if it isn't photographed and blogged about?
  • @LeChouSauvage "Is blogging the new reality?" ~Jess Scone @getsconed
  • @VegNews Closing remarks from @isachandra & @terryhope at #vidavegancon: "One of the real highs of this conference is the sense of community."
  • "you wanna make a million dollar cookbook? You gotta put a vampire in it." @terryhope
People I "Met" on Twitter Today:
Vegan Companies I Discovered Via Twitter:
Blog Posts - My Favorites:
Pictures from Twitter and Blogs:
from @lechousauvage

from @lechousauvage

from @JLgoesVegan 
from @vegansaurus
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