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Hot, Rich & Green: how to start the eco career of your dreams

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Several weeks ago I left my job to focus on Eco-Vegan Gal full-time. It was a big decision that was months in the making, but I was finally ready to take a leap of faith. But what prompted me to leave the comfort of a weekly pay check? Ironically, it was my job. You see, I had been working on an amazing book about women who followed their passions and started their own green businesses. Everyday I went into work and sat down to help edit this incredible book, reading through inspiring stories of success, until it finally hit me that I was ready to focus on my own story.

Perhaps you're curious what book could be so life-changing. In fact, I've been eager to share it with you since we started working on it last year, but it's been under wraps. They recently launched the website, so I can finally talk about...Hot, Rich & Green! What a title huh?
What (or who) is Hot, Rich & Green?
  • Written by Rebecca Harrell Tickell, former actress (best known for Prancer) and married to Josh Tickell, with whom she made the movie FUEL - a beautiful woman inside and out.
  • The book's mission is to inspire women to realize their power, follow their passion, and start the eco-friendly business of their dreams. (obviously it worked its magic on me!)
  • Rebecca was inspired to write the book based on her own experience of moving from acting into a meaningful career centered around the environment. Her introduction to the book is really compelling.
  • The majority of the book consists of interviews with successful women in the green movement, some that you may already know, such as Rory Freedman, Rachelle Carson Begley, Anna Getty, and Amy Smart.
  • Some of my favorite L.A. pals are in this book too: Laura Klein, Siel (GreenLAGirl), Pam Sterling, Kris Willey, Vanessa Meier, and Sarasai Yutuc.
  • The 50 women were selected because they started green careers and eco businesses, including books, websites, restaurants, stores, and products. If you're trying to launch into a similar line of work, this book is just what you need because it lays out the formula.
  • What's up with the title? It's all about women's empowerment. "Hot" doesn't necessarily mean attractive, nor does "rich" necessarily mean wealthy. "Hot" can be about passion or success, while "rich" can refer to the abundance of your life or personal satisfaction. It's all about what you make of it, but Rebecca's point is that running a green business can lead to great prosperity in many ways.
There's even an iPhone app!
I think Hot, Rich & Green has the potential to change the lives of a lot of women in the green world, just like it did for me, so I hope you pick up a copy for yourself and/or someone you care about.
If you're not yet convinced, come see Rebecca speak at the next Women of the Green Generation event on March 31st.
Visit the website often to see the "Featured Woman of the Week". This week it is Heather Teague of Dream Green Weddings.
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