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Stopping Junk Mail

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Throughout the course of this blog I have written about junk mail many times. It's an on-going battle but I continue to fight against it. However, I have seen a huge decline in the amount of junk mail I receive, and mail in general since I choose to do most of my transactions and correspondence online.

My main tactic has been to collect junk mail and then find a few minutes to contact each company individually by email, asking them to remove me from their mailing list. This works in general, but some companies, like Verizon and Time Warner continue sending it. Once I'm done contacting the companies, I recycle the mail.

Another option is to pay a company to do this work for me, but I actually don't mind doing it myself. If this process seems to intensive and annoying for you, I recommend checking out one of the following:

  • GreenDimes - sign up to start reducing junk mail
  • Catalog Choice - a free service that helps cancel unwanted catalogues
  • DMA Choice - sign up to start reducing junk mail
Or, simply do a Google search for a company, find their website, click on their Contact or Customer Service link (often on the bottom), and then find their email address.
I write in the subject line: "Please remove me from your mailing list". And in the body of the email, "Please remove me from your mailing list. [On the next paragraph, enter your address exactly as written on the junk mail]"
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