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The Cove: movie review

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I finally rented The Cove and watched it on the plane ride to Massachusetts. And I was blown away. I've seen a lot of documentaries this year, and I'm tempted to say that this was my favorite.

The Cove is so much more than I expected. Although I heard rave reviews across the board, I didn't know much about it. It was full of facts that i wasn't aware of - about dolphins, marine life, the ocean, Japan, and the government. This movie made me feel compelled to do something to make a difference, as soon as possible.
Though the movie was sad throughout, the part that made me cry was about government coverup of mercury levels in fish. I thought about the amount of people I know who eat fish and have no idea. Thus I was glad to show this movie to my pescetarian family, especially since it is easier for most people to swallow than a film like Earthlings.
Aside from being an incredible piece about animal rights, it is simply a great documentary. It was very well edited and directed; the flow kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. At times I felt like I was watching an action movie in the style of Ocean's 11 or Bourne. The "cast" of the movie was so brave and persistent, and I was so proud of them, especially at the end.
I couldn't get enough of The Cove and I didn't want it to end, in fact I watched it with my family a few days after first seeing it. I live by the ocean, and I'll never look at a dolphins the same again. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins, but now I won't unless out in the ocean. This movie gives a fantastic explanation on why we shouldn't eat fish, for both our health and our planet. If more documentaries were as well done and powerful the world would evolve in a much needed direction.
You must see this movie right away - it will change your life.
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