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Viewer of the Month: Vahe Gulyan

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I meet thousands of people through this website and via social media, so it's easy to lose track of who's who if I don't chat with individuals on a regular basis. One person who has done a fantastic job at being in touch and supporting EvG is Vahe Gulyan, a 23 year old man who moved to the U.S. from Armenia about 2 years ago. We first met during a brief exchange at an Apple Store where I gave him a business card, and he's kept in touch through email and Twitter ever since. He isn't vegan nor would he call himself much of an environmentalist, but he's kept his eyes on EvG out of curiosity and ended up getting inspired to make some changes.

Here's a little more about Vahe and his thoughts on vegetarianism and going green:

"I didn't even knew the word "vegan" before meeting Whitney...I think I was watching EvG just because it was fun and entertaining, which also, especially for me, is [the] only way to make [me] interested and learn something :) and there [are a] lot of things [to learn]...2 years later I started completely not using plastic bags. Instead of [using the] car most of the time I ride an electric bicycle. I don't eat, use or drink anything that is not organic, has GMO, chemicals, HFCS in it, etc. Most of the time I order vegetarian version of things and they are delicious :) I didn't have good memories about using juicers but she inspired me to get a good one and we always use it at home now :) Interestingly this is not very far from how I was before - where I am from we mostly eat fruits, vegetables, soups, grains, etc.. all local and organic (since we are not that "advanced" as Monstanto.. hmm). [I also have] my manager [to] thank, to whom I learnt lot of things [from in my profession - [he] was vegetarian and was trying to explain that to me too. I am kinda like "hacker" in a good way , and this is what I like about veg. My manager taught a lot of things [and] said [he] hopes I will keep sharing my knowledge, which I do. It's kinda like about being more "human" in everything"

I love that last line - I think that's a huge reason why people go vegetarian, because they feel more alive or human (and humane) when they do. It's also thrilling to hear about all the eco-friendly changes he's made in his life. Thanks Vahe for finding value in EvG even though you're not a vegan ; ) - the truth is, you don't have to be because my aim with the site is to inspire people to be healthier and happier, and it sounds like it's done a little of that for him. : )

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