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Viewer of the Month: Rachel Rinaldo

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When Rachel popped up on my social media feed I immediately noticed her radiance - everything about her emits happiness and thus I always look forward to seeing her posts. Especially on Instagram - all of her photos are very inspiring and passionate. Rachel makes healthy living look easy, breezy and beautiful; call that cheesey, but it's true! I love the story of how she and her husband discovered holistic health, the plant-based diet and found a way to support themselves through teaching others about the power and benefits of non-toxic products.

Here's more about Rachel in her own words:

Rachel Rinaldo Joe ecovegangal

I'm a happily-married 25 year old with a mission to spread the word about holistic health to the world! I'm a professional massage therapist who has left my hands-on daily work to achieve dreams bigger than I could have ever imagined just a few years ago. My husband and best friend, Joe, was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2010. We had no health insurance and were a prime example of a couple who lived off of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)! Our newleywed life had dramatically changed overnight and we were in desperate need of a solution and began doing our own research daily. We started learning just how toxic conventional food, health-care products, beatuty products, home-cleaning products, and the enviornment really are! We decided at that time to leave Las Vegas and move to beautiful Northern California. When we moved we got rid of most everything we owned to live a truly clean and minimalistic lifestyle and to start over with only safe, non-toxic products. Shortly after our move we were introduced to a plant-based diet and dōTERRA Essential Oils. The combination has completely changed our lives for the better! Joe has been symptom free for over 8 months now and has regained the weight that he had lost during the first year of struggling with Crohn's. I have thankfully lost the unwanted weight that I had carried my entire life and am now feeling better than ever both physically and emotionally. With this newfound health and purpose, Joe and I decided we want to reach out and help others around the world by inspiring them to learn more about holistic health and how powerful our bodies really are. We are grateful to have the opportunity to earn our income while traveling together by sharing the Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade essential oils that we love and use daily. We are excited to see where this beautiful path leads us and who's lives we will make an impact on!

Rachel Rinaldo doterra ecovegangal

I just happened to start following Eco-Vegan Gal right when I needed her inspiration and plant-based lifestyle information the most at the very beginning of 2012! My husband and I never planned on sticking to this way of eating we were just trying something new and absolutely fell in love with how our bodies felt eating this way. I continue to follow her daily because of how personable she is and because she always covers the topics that matter to me the most! My very favorite EvG video is: "How Life Meaning and Goals Relate to Living Healthy and Green". This video has inspired me and my dreams immensely! "Call it optimistic or naiive but I feel that life is just limitless"

Follow Rachel's journey on these sites:
Blog: http://HealthTruth.Biz/
Business Site/Online Store:
Instagram: HealthTruth

I'm really honored to hear that Rachel started following EvG at the very beginning of her journey - it's really wonderful to be along from the whole ride and I love seeing how she and Joe progress.


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